If you’ve come here because you’ve been hearing about ‘the Jezebel Spirit’ and wonder what it’s all about, welcome to our site.

There’s been so much talk for so long in the Church about ‘the Spirit of Jezebel’ as it operates in a church or society, but what about the actual human beings that it involves?

FRUSTRATED?frustrated by Jezebel Spirit

Specifically, if you’re dealing with someone in your life who is driving you to distraction in your workplace or home; someone who is manipulative and controlling, a constant ‘victim’, narcissist or martyr, someone who divides and conquers amongst your co-workers or family members, pulling allies to him or her in each new round of division with gossip and secrets – just to name a few characteristics - then this website is for you.


Does there seem to be constant 'misunderstandings', or even 'pauses' or 'breaks' in the relationship?

When you try to describe the problems in the relationship to someone else, do you find yourself feeling foolish, realizing that you're not able to put your finger on the problem, and may even sound petty?

Are there others who observe the relationship and think this person is 'wonderful', and can't quite understand why you have such a problem?

Not enough has been written about this aspect of the Jezebel Spirit, which is frustrating and heartbreaking when you’re dealing with it on a personal level.


It’s time that we begin to recognize it in the human beings that it uses, and begin to fight back with spiritual weapons.

Knowledge is power, and Proverbs 2:4 tells us to ‘seek [Wisdom] as for silver and search for skillful and godly Wisdom as for hidden treasures….’, that he may ‘preserve the way of His saints’ (Proverbs 2:9), ‘To deliver you from the way of evil’ (Proverbs 2:12).

And let’s be clear: this entity is evil.

You may only be exasperated or fed up with the person in your life who is being controlled by this thing, or you may have advanced way beyond that stage to down-right dislike bordering dangerously on hatred and bitterness, but remember three things:

  • The Jezebel Spirit hates you personally
  • it hates the one that it controls
  • and it's not going to go away

Are you ready to meet your opponent?

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