20 years and I just found out what I am fighting.

by Catherine
(Sacramento, CA USA)

I guess it was pure desperation. Some will call it Divine Inspiration.

But someone other than myself has lead me to this subject! I love my husband, and he professes his deep love for me.

Tonight we cried and both agreed we could not go on! We were talking about separation. He cried himself to sleep.

But for once I would not let it be about him! Every time I get to the point of no return with him, he became the victim!

Nothing was ever his fault, he was never responsible for the bitterness that had crept into the marriage. It was always me, being dissatisfied. When all I had ever truly ask him for was peace in our home.

For years I have struggled to understand his destructive behavior, his nasty ways. His constant disregard for our home and finances.

Every thing was always fine as long as he got his way. I called him hard headed all these years. He simply had to have everything his way or no way at all. And I have fought the good fight against it, but have grown tired.

After many tears and much praying, my prayer was answered, I stumbled into a website earlier that was talking about the Jezebel Spirit, and my God of Mercy, they were talking about my life with this man!

Every Jot and tittle described what I have been through with him. And now I KNOW, it is this spirit that I have been battling with for 20years and it has been using and hiding behind him!

Pray for me while I prepare to do battle! With God's help, I will have the victory!

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