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Dealing with the Narcissistic Coworker

We were both hired at the same time for the same position. I had over 20 years experience, my coworker didn't have that many years. However, in my case,

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I've been drugged and I think I just slept with Satan

My N actually got me hooked on drugs...and also kept me well intoxicated with alcohol all in fun at first until I realized I could not remember a thing

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Why do I want it?

The hardest thing for me is the inability to let go. He's told me I'm temporary, he didn't love me, someone else is his soul mate, he's left me for the

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Injury and the Silent Treatment

I had the nerve to complain about the silent treatment and how it hurt me. This is INJURY and I am immediately punished by 3 months (so far) of more silent

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Krafty Little Wench

t started w stealing wine cooler out of my ptivate room fridge when she was in jr high...she took it to school got caught then blamed me..i forgave easily

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