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meeting the devil

I lived in cornwall met a man who seem nice he was in high job in housing ,seemed kind different from my ex expressed interested in me made pass at me

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Death didn't stop her rage

Recently I decided to go no contact with my narcissistic mother. I blocked her text messages from my phone just for a few months of peace. Well, a few

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My supposed holiday

I met a guy online -anyway in the December we decided on a holiday - he lives in America, me in Australia. I thought great, but he says June is a good

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Recovery after 31 years of a narcissistic mother!

I've already shared a story about my malignant narcissistic mother. A short summary 'I was never good enough' even though I had represented GB in 2 sports.

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It was the first fancy dinner he took me out to. I didn't know about his NPD at the time but if I'm to be honest with myself, I had already glimpsed it

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