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Erased and blown away like burnt leaves

It is a terrible thing to get involved with a sick person, sick in their soul, especially if you are an empath. I cannot think of anything more soul

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Gallagher's Pub's Wolf in Sheeps clothing

I was emotionally abused by a malignant narcissist who not only abused me in every single way narcissists do, lying, gaslighting, provoking, devaluing,

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Whipping Post

My daughter has this disorder but of course she can't see it....we are in the 3rd episode of this behavior occurring in the last five years. I didn't

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shocked and hurt after' sweet' attack

Hello fellow injured. Its still fresh in my mind a month after my Friend tore our 4 yr friendship to bits. It started as a meeting of minds. Two women

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I wonder who I might have been

My father's behaviour towards me coloured my life. I am now 46, he's been dead since 2008 but several times a day I need to go through my self-calming

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