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the sister from Hell

I don't even know were to began. Its such a long long story.No one in our family realized what she was until my father died. She is the oldest and we all

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slave to my mother

I have been dealing with my mother's narcissistic behavior since I was a little girl. not knowing what I was getting myself into in your 2000 I was hired

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Finally caught on..

I met a younger man, handsome, charming, interested in the things that I enjoy.We became friends, he has a live in girlfriend. We were attracted to each

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The husband of a Narcissistic Wife - Emotional Hell

It can be so frustrating to be the male victim, it seems few are. I spent over 30 years serving, trying to earn the love and intimacy of a woman incapable

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Waking up ....

I've been married to a Narcissist for 23years. I am obviously a slow learner because it took many years to figure out what the hell was going on. Because

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