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The perfect target

Ever since i became pregnant and he bought my house the real nightmare began. Tantrums, guilt trips, angry outbursts, negligence, disappearing daily

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Never confront them directly ...

Take a lesson from Perseus, who slew Medusa by sneaking up with a polished shield (a _mirror_) ... I 'friended' narc mother with a fb profile that I had

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I haved sufferd with depression for years and after having counciling have realised i am codependent and my husband of 35 years is a narcissist its a very

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I married a narcissist because my mom is one!

I get it now! Every time something happened to me; my mother turned it around and made it be about her? My mother kicked me out of the house cause I was

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its not always men!

I have been in an intense relationship for two years with a woman who is clearly Narcissistic. What initially shocked me into realizing something was

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