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The cop and the bra

Short little story of my 6 month relationship with a NARC. We were dating around month 5 and I was over at his house. We were eating carry-out on his

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my N took my seven month old away

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by telling my story but I have been through alot and I want my story to be told. I was with my sons

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Truth v. Lies

The worst part is always having that nagging uncomfortable feeling that something is WRONG. Busting them and then watching them blow up in an effort

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I found all his secrets at least the ones that matter to him

Been seeing him off and on for several years, Found out that he was seeing another woman or should I say priming another woman as he prepare to once again

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Narcissistic Dangerous Grandmother

After two years of not talking to my mom (NO CONATACT), I re-established a relationship with her etc… I asked my mom to come to help in my first baby’s

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