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We're constantly learning and updating new information about the Jezebel Spirit and how it operates in a person. Join us as we peel back the layers to expose the enemy.

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Elvis the bar-star

I am a drummer in nashville, I joined a group of weekend warriors led by a duo of drinking country singers. I accepted that side man role and that was

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Call the bully a coward

Once my ex learned I was going to divorce him, he went on a rampage to absolutely destroy me. I remember vividly feeling absolute fear that he might kill

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Scared of everybody

My story is actually set of similar stories of dating and involving with narcs, who eventually were using me, destroying and dumping. I came to a point

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Freeing the Doves (from Narc DiL)

We (my partner & I) are new on here and glad to have finally found others on some of these stories/threads in this same rocky boat after a year of searching.

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Self Check

It behooves us to check if maybe we are harboring some of the traits of Jezebel. Lord Jesus shine a light on any characteristics of this evil spirit in

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