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In Court Hell With My Narcissistic Mother

My narcissistic mother is taking me to court for visitation for my son, even though she had visitation. It just wasn't the visitation she wanted. I stopped

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The narcissist co-worker from hell

I work with this lady (we'll call her Elisa) , she seemed so friendly and welcoming at first . She would buy me random gifts for no reason at all and

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Unknowingly supplying NPD Husband

She doesn't even realize what she is doing- or does she? My daughter has basically 'kicked ' us all out of her life Me(mom) her dad , sister- aunts, uncles

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Won't give me some? Well I'll give you something you'll never forget

I got entangled in the web of a narc once. He seemed so balanced and self assured. When he looked at me I could see how much he wanted me and it made me

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Manipulative Massuse

I began seeing a massage therapist in 2012. Worked for a chain. He groomed me like a true predator. Before I knew what happened, I was caught in this covert

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