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My beautiful frenEMY

I knew this person for over 3 years, and we were good friends, well I was a good friend. He would constantly flirt with me, asked me to go with him to

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my mom told numerous lies on me

My N. Mom tried to get me to help her steal a neighbor's yard sale sign. I did not co-opperate with her & she was furious. She told whoever she could that

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Sexual harrasment and the powerful narcissism

My boss has been pursuing me for a couple of years, he started with over attention and went straight to the proposition. He appeared to me as a control

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When meeting Mark for the first time, I suspected something was strange, either an inappropriate assertiveness or just a lack of manners, I couldn't be

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My dance with the devil

I met and fell head over heels in love with a man who I thought was my soul mate. I was encouraged by him to move 120 miles to be with him. I set up a

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