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My sister deserves a monument in her name and honor ?

I was divorced bankrupt and betrayed by my ex husband at the age of 24, I had no idea I was being abused emotionally at the time , it's only now that I'm

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Blaming the Victim -

My husband left me the week before Valentine's Day. He moved out without letting me know where he was going and took 3/4 of our family income. We have

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A Narcissistic Couple..

This isn't really a story but more for the sake of information.. I am a self-aware narcissist. It's rare but narcissists are aware of the bad things they

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My name is Shari and I've been married to a N for 20 years. My mother died, unexpectedly, two weeks ago. Husband, Bill's mother died 2.5 years ago.

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A Learned Lesson

My narcissistic story fits all that the definitions of this website outlines. The details don't really matter but it is how the narcissist supplier adds

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