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Once upon a time there were two sisters. The oldest was Invidia, the younger Harmony. When they married, Harmony had children but Invidia miscarried.

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My ex and his family turned on me. Say I'm the crazy one...

I recently left my partner whom I believe to be a narcassist. He treated me horribly for years. Mentally abused , emotionally abused , verbally abused.

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The Narcissist Ex Next Door

I moved to a new town 9 years ago and eventually began dating my neighbor. I had no idea he was the spawn of Satan until I was discarded recently (ongoing

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Narcissist Addict

I was raised by a Narcissist and I married a Narcissist. He is threatening to leave me now and says he is done with the relationship. If you ask him why

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Nightmare on elm street

I found letters that I wrote to myself ten years ago and realized how sick my life has been. I don't know what it means to be happy anymore. 26 years

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