Roman gods
and the Jezebel Spirit

Roman gods

Roman gods and the Jezebel Spirit?

If you know your history even a little bit, it’s understandable if this phrase caused a raised eyebrow or two.

Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

But if you’ll indulge us just a bit, we promise to make the explanation worth your while.

In her book about the Jezebel Spirit titled ‘Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord’ by Sandie Freed, she says “To more fully understand, then, the manifestations of Jezebel, we need to closely examine her gods,…”
Sandie Freed Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord
Chosen Books, copyright 2008, pg 68

Wise advice: we won’t get too far in understanding the Jezebel Spirit, how it operates, or the powers behind it until we know the characteristics of what it is that she worshipped.

What you worship, you become.

Power and control is given to that which is most sacred in your life. Be careful little heart, what you love.

Jezebel derived her power from her gods – her masters – and the Jezebel spirit continues to do that to this day.

Although her gods were already ancient at the time of Queen Jezebel, these demonic entities were – and still are – very real, and still very much in control.


Ahab – the man and king that Queen Jezebel was given to in a political marriage – reigned in Northern Israel from 875 – 853 B.C.; Rome was founded around 100 years later.

The gods of Rome were Venus and Saturn (not to mention a few others), and Jezebel worshipped Ba’al and Asherah.

But many of the characteristics of the Roman gods are shared with those of Jezebel’s; if we look a little further, we will see that these were actually the same demonic deities across that part of the world: different names came from different civilizations and languages.

It will be interesting to take a quick look at just some of their characteristics, to open our eyes a little to what it is that we describe as ‘the Jezebel Spirit’.

Besides Venus and Saturn, we’ll also go back a little further in history to examine the gods of some other civilizations, check out Ba’al and Asherah, and jump forward in history to a certain Morgan le fay.

Here’s the lineup:

god of Rome
The goddess of Rome
Mesopotamian gods
Celtic goddesses
Sumerian gods

Sit back and enjoy, and hopefully learn a thing or two. Let’s start with Saturn.

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