Artistic payback

by Hermes1
(Mount Olympus)

My N was a director and playwright. The last thing he called me was a "whore" before my brutal devalue and discard.

Each year he hosts a theatre festival of short plays. Under a psuedonym, I submitted a comedic piece about three people attending the funeral wake of a recently deceased friend.

One of the characters unleashes a torrent about what a calculating, manipulative, vindictive, lying sociopath the deceased actually was.

The play ended with another character calling the deceased a "whore" under her breath. Not only did my N accept my play into the festival, I was able to attend opening night with two other victims of his abuse.

The N didn't have a clue who wrote the piece, and judging by his laughter, seemed to enjoy it very much. The pen is truly mightier than the sword.

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