by stephan reilly.

hi i was going out with a girl for four years now

my father ive no doubt is a narcissist.but now as it came to the end of my relationship with my ex.i realised narcissist qualitys in her at times she could be quite nice then a hour later the complete opossite.

she always complained she had too much to do. but to a normal person it was clearly not much.

she was a cleaniness freak and things had to put on a shelf in a certain way or position.

she was manipulative was always crying over the littliest things.but i always seen them as crocodile tears.

she would always find the need to tell me that this guy taught she was beautifull or that guy bought her lots of drinks.

she started to make a great effort on her looks when only leaving the house for smallest things.

could be very jealous of people for stupid reasons .

her sister even seemed worse than her always looking for attention of other guys in front of her boyfriend. but when the tables turned and girls gave him attention.she would go off and get angry and jealous.and he basically couldnt look at other girls or she would go crazy.

she was very controlling offer what he did with his life.

my girlfriend and then at the end acted very mean and gave me the cold shoulder before dumping me then two weeks later i find out she had a new boyfriend.

her family where very sucessfull and she always had what she wanted. also her and her mother had a weird infatuation with there dog too much in my mind .

can someone give me a insight to my storie she also admitted kissing another guy while we where going out .

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