I am safe with Christ

by Paul

Last August the Lord called me and touched me.
After a long period of repenting and desire for Him, He came. So wonderful, If you search Him with your mind and heart, He will come, that is so true.

After a few weeks I started to notice things in my mind, from the past, from the Bible, from the present, I thought my mother is also a christian, but I couldn't get her beliefs in line with the ones I had obtained recently.

I made a nice email for my mother, in which I gently suggested some things wrong with her beliefs.

At that time I wasn't really sure, but now I am even more sure. Her reaction was astonishing, she denied everything and wiped every word of God off the table.

She has her own way of interpreting the Holy Scripture and she doesn't want anyone to say anything different.

This resulted in a not very friendly conversation, and she even mailed lies about what I said to her, to my father and told him she was worried about me.

She actually expected confirmation from her ex-husband about her being right about her faith.

This mail was so awful, it made my father very angry and depressed.

She put all the blame for the divorce they had years ago on him and without compassion or empathy towards me or my father.

Then I started to feel worried, I couldn't think of anything else, after days of pondering I cried out to God, this can't come from You, what is happening to me.

I realised all the hardship from the past, it all fell into place, hundreds of occasions came to mind. Also do not judge others and honour your parents came to mind.

I now know I was being tempted to become angry at my mother and close her off and say bad things to her.

I resisted and the moment I realised that, my mind cleared up. I felt an 'it's okay', you don't want to judge your mother, because you love her' and testing of the Spirit and discerning came to mind.

Then I started reading about the Jezebel Spirit and Narcissism, I am so comforted now, but also worried about the battle that will have to be commenced.

The good thing for me now is that it has grown my belief and strength and my knowledge about Jesus.

All her denying and lies turned into blessings.

Also I can really let go of the past, and archive all the trouble and hardship in my childhood.

At present I don't have any contact with her, and I am waiting for the right time, and I wait for an answer what to do.

I would like some feedback from someone who has had similar problems, and I really desperately need help to be able to confront my mother with this.

Thanks God bless you

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Mar 08, 2011
Confronting your mother
by: Aunt Bee

Hi Paul

I'm glad you've been helped - it always helps to find a name for a problem so then you can begin to tackle it.

I would just warn you, though, not to get your hopes up too much when you do confront your mother.

A narcissist/Jezebel will twist and turn things around that you say and you end up feeling like the bad guy.

They'll deny, and try to turn the conversation around to YOUR shortcomings to get the focus off of them.

A narcissist might also become the victim during the conversation and even worse, pretend to be so sorry and repentant and agree with everything you say - but the 'sorry' doesn't last long because it was never sincere.

Most definitely, when you feel ready, you should confront her (and hopefully bring someone with you like a family member), but just remember that in all likelihood, it will only be so that you can bring the issues out in the open and get it off of your chest; it is almost guaranteed that she will not 'see the light' and change her ways.

This warning is not meant to be discouraging; rather it is just so that you don't have unrealistic expectations.

You will come out stronger from all of this!

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