My Evil Twin Sister

My twin is a malignant narcissist. I really only understood she was truly evil a few short years ago. I am in my 40s.

My 'relationship' with her has been agonizing, to say the least. There are far too many stories to tell. This is just 1 of a thousand.

I had been in a violent crime with my friend in my early 20s.

A gun was held to my head and my friend was shot in the face. Luckily, she did survive! I was staying with my mom at that time as I was having a very hard time dealing with any of it. I had nightmares, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, afraid to be by myself, etc.

I heard my mom on the phone calling my sister to calmly tell her the incident. She was living on the east coast at the time. I could actually hear my sister screaming on the other end of the line. What was that about?

My mom told her everything was fine, but my sister insisted she was flying out at once. My sister has always been abusive to me but I thought that this was a very good sign. She obviously felt bad as she was hysterical over the phone. She offered to drive me to the hospital to visit my friend who was there for weeks.

So my sister was supposed to fly in an afternoon. We waited and waited. Not until very late in the night, did she show up. She waltzed through the door with a burst of 'Hello, I'm here!' giggling and smiling.

It was if nothing had happened and she was just visiting and we were supposed to be happy. She never hugged me or said anything. Just smiled and laughed. For no reason. She then proceeded to change clothes, and head out again.

She didn't come home until the morning. Then she slept in the next day, got up, went out again. She always gave me a big goodbye sendoff and promised to spend time with me.

She came back late the next night and was heading out once again, but my mom stopped her to ask her why she would say she wanted to come out for me to just turn around and spend all her time with her friends and that I really needed her support.

My sister's crying/screaming response:

'WHY IS IT ALWAYS ABOUT (name deleted)?!'

My mom gave her a choice: if she was turning this into a social event with her friends then she could find another place to stay. My sister left the house.

She never said a word to me when she left. We never discussed what happened the night with my friend. All I heard randomly through the years was "When I came to visit, my mom kicked me out of the house."

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