My "Gifted" Sister

by Jany
(Gardendale, Alabama)

My older sister was the smart one. She had control of our family. She married a man with money and she had a sucessful career.

She is a perfectionist. When her husband had a very public affair she refused to divorce him and let the other woman "win".

My sister and I were never close but I thought I knew her until my mother died almost 2 years ago.

From that very moment on, it is like her dark side has taken over. She has always been very controlling and I stepped back and let her have her way.

She was 6 years older than me and abused me as a child but if I ever mentioned this she twisted it around so that I was the one with a problem for talking about it.

I never knew she was dishonest, evil. She wanted my mother's approval and never could stand my dad.

She snuck behind my back and had him put in a nursing home and while he was there she stole everything from his house, even the will.

I managed to get him out but she is always doing things to cause problems. I had it out with her and that is when it clicked.

She went the whole nine yards projection, rage, manipulation and trying to win me over so we could be "cooperative".

The worst part is she is still dad's favorite even though I am the one who rescued him and takes care of him.

Mom never played favorites but I was closer to her because I loved her so much. My mother knew more about my sister's true nature than I did.

She even said she would do this to dad and she always said she hoped that she wouldn't die first.

This has truely put a my entire life in a whole new prespective and I wish I had realized that my sister was not the person she pretended to be.

It is like I lost my sister and my mother at the same time but my sister has been replaced by this dark force that I cannot trust, who has done horrible things but has this spotless reputation.

Knowledge is truely power in this situation. I need to talk to a counselor myself but I don't have time.

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Jun 05, 2014
rings a bell
by: Anonymous

I have one similar!!! nasty piece of work,extremely controlling and rather venomous too....I have always seen thru it,soooo false,has now decided to really try to turn other family members against me.wish this one would just disolve ,be quite happy to never have to see again,greedy all about me,me, me not a thought for anyone else.guess there is one in every family,what a shame

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