My life with a NC man..............and he called me CRAZY! RIGHT!

(Shasta, CA)

Well, it all began when I (18 1/2) was introduced by a friend, this NC convinced me that he could and would take care of me and my very young child, what great words he had, i should have remembered the story of "LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD".

He the NC seemed very nice and gentle I thought for myself wow, some to love me and accept me for who i am and my child too...........WRONG, very wrong!!!

Then was the wedding.....a year later we didnt even live together had to be all about him, you would think that he was the bride!

ok, after the wedding, packed everything into the car and drove back to the home that he said was ready for the "newlyweds"...and there it happened..I didnt know it yet, I was TRAPPED.

I had to unload the car and bring in all the gifts from the wedding. He was hungry and went to a fastfood place (so he said..ya right) and didnt come back till the next day.

Here i was a 19 year old bride waiting for my husband to come home. I worked 2 jobs, he worked 1 part time job and after he would get off work go to "HIS FRIENDS" home and visit.

Come home and tell me that "I did everything wrong, from the way i cooked, cleaned, and even the so called love making!"

Call me young, dumb and maybe stupid I thought that I needed him so I stayed married to this for 17years, had 2 more kids, supported him on every VENTURE that he wanted and put my thoughts and feeling aside only for the moment when i went back to work in 2006.

That was the "WAKING" he had been fired from his job for sexual paid advances to another employee in an other state, he called me all upset because of the firing, he told me that he was going to take that company to court for "WRONGFUL TERMINATION".

So, one day i came home from work not feeling to great and noticed that he had his emails open......HAHA ;) so i checked from the day that he was fired and read an email to someone about the firing...ah ha! i found it and he was accousing me of fooling around! yeah right!!

So, I printed it out and held onto this page for like 2 weeks. I didnt say a damn thing to him or anyone else.

So now he tells me of wanting to go back to school to become a my mind "WTF, you want to preach while you were doing all this crap to me!"

So in 2007 we went to a so called church convention/marriage retreat and he was saying alot of really ugly things to me and then the drive home....omg i just really thought that i was going to die! The next day was church..i told him to go and take the kids i just need to catch up on some papers from work. Thats when I decided to make a change in MY LIFE!

So, when he came home to drop off the kids and go back to CHURCH...thats when I dropped the BOMB and servived!

"I WANT A DIVORCE, IM DONE!" the NC's response was..."you cant divorce ME, IM A PREACHER!"...

well there you have it I divorced him, left the church, left all of those people that have all sided with the victim- MR.NC. So, now did he ever become a preacher...nope! now he wants to be a LAWYER!

Now i have servived and now he tries every which way to do the same things to my 2 kids and the funny thing is that they too see what he really is......MR.NC

the funny thing is that when I see people that know me from when i was married to him...they smile and tell me the stories that he told/tells them....i just smile and laugh and let them know that they are still under his control/thumb! The look on their faces is PRICELESS!!!! like a deer cought in the headlights!

Well, there you go here is and was my story from when i was married to a NC and live to tell it!

p.s.... I am remarried and very happy and my husband has told me his stories of the MISS NC that he was married to for like 27 years....yet thats a whole different storie!


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