My Nightmare in Shinning Armor!!!

by KD

When I met my "nightmare" in shinning armor. I was at a very low point in my life. I had just divorced my husband of 19 years, I was lost, scared and for the first time, in a long time, I was all alone.

What I thought was a blessing from God, turned out to be a life lesson, I won't soon forget.

He swept me up off my feet. Made me feel oh so special. He seen me coming a mile away.

Everything happened so fast between us. And now I know why!! I should have know when we moved in together and everyone made the funniest faces when they found out who I was living with.

I was so stupid, that even he Aunt did some fortune telling for me...She said "Honey, I will tell you right now, you are just pretty and sweet to be with him. He will chew you up and spit you back out! And so, he has!

My family hates him and did from the very beginning. They inherited the old family trait of sniffing out trouble, where as I myself didn't have to sniff, trouble just always seemed to find me.

My family didn't like him for the same reasons that most of the world doesn't like "people" like him, because all he did was brag and boast and talk about how everyone he had ever known was stupid.

It just wasn't a gentlemanly quality, as far as they were(and still are) concerned. He does everything, I do nothing, I work in his business, but am not paid.

He constantly puts me down, blames me for mistakes that he himself made. He talks to me as if I am a child. And he plays oh so suttle little head games and then comes un-glued when I call him on it.

According to him, I make his life terribly difficult. If that were really the case then why does he go to such lengths to get me back? I know, I know, someone to work for free!

He has knocked me down time and time again to build himself up. When he isn't criticizing me about things I do, he is questioning me about things he thought I did. In his swelled little pea brain, he acutually thinks that I am the one causing all of the problems.

That is the only satisfaction I am allowed at this time you see, I know what people say behind his back. I see them when they roll their eyes, and gag to keep from throwing up! I just wink and go on my merry way.

Anyways, after several miserable years of leaving and coming back. Here I am with him yet again. Mostly because I felt sorry for him I guess...I am not really sure!

The fact is, he only loved, missed and respected me when I was gone. And soon enough he always went right back to his old devilish ways. My family finally got tired of trying to help me. Because I always gave into him and came back. So, they are done with me, for now at least.

I blame no one but myself. I asked for it...and finally he asked for it too! I hear him in there now, snoring away. You know he works harder than anyone else in the world. What a trooper! How manly of him to take the weight of the whole entire world on his special little shoulders. Yeah right!

He stopped impressing me a long time ago. I think I would do better to work harder at impressing my own self!!! Thanks everyone! This was truely a blast for me tonight. I feel much better now!! God bless!@

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