Narcissistic fathers are more common

by Sue

Studies show that narcissism is more common among men than women, and recent studies show that narcissistic men dislike females -- yet ALL the stories and blogs about narcissistic parents are about narcissistic mothers.

This is SO unfair to those of us with narcissistic fathers.

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Nov 06, 2014
Totally defiant Father
by: Anonymous

Totally defiant I said to myself

My narcs daughter I couldnt help but to feel sorry for her because she was growing up and he wouldnt listen to her,he didnt try to understand her,nor take the time out Id say to even understand what she may been going through.And he loved to put me in the middle to be a mediator then would argue with me whenever I tried to suggest how she needs him.Lo and behold all he could ever come back with is how he was a man,and never thought about her feelings after a year later she became pregnant and I thought to myself only if he would of came of that high horse then maybe just maybe that could of been prevented.Sad.

Sep 18, 2013
Ex husband is narcissist
by: Anonymous

I did not realize that my ex husband is a narcissist until a couple of years ago when we had to have psych evals for court. When we were married and he was blamed for something he did, I would always hear "I'm such a bad person, it's all my fault, I will just end my life". I finally got sick of hearing it that I would tell him it was his fault and he needed to change. After 13 years of marriage, I left. He managed to get custody of our 3 daughters, 2 of which he has abused and gets away with it. It is very true that the legal system is not educated in this type of disorder. He lies to the court and anybody else involved in legal processes...he even told people that I was bipolar even though my psych eval is clean. I think np people are just psychotic. It's even worse when they have an enabling spouse on top of it. I feel sorry for my kids and any other children that are victims to these kind of scum.

Aug 29, 2012
I agree
by: Anonymous

I also keep reading that NPD is more common among women, but after working for three years on a prayer line, I can tell you that daily I receive calls from women in horrendous situations with narcissistic husbands. Perhaps women call more than men about these things? Possibly, but over the years, I have seen many many more narcissistic males than females. Another thought is that men get away with it longer in personal relationships because the females in the relationship will spend much more time trying to "fix" the situation. I vote that it i more common among men.

Apr 05, 2011
Jezebel Narcissistic friend
by: Jon

I first heard of the Jez spirit in a series by Dutch Sheets, very good! Did not know in the medical world it's called Narcissism. Could not figure out my friend, he is so controlling and manipulating, all covered up by "christianity", showing everyone the right way to act and think, (his way) Everything clicked when I read the 9 signs listed here. When my 29 year old daughter died last year he tried to tell me how to act and think w/o any simpathy or remorse, just about ended our friendship! Then I read here that narciss'es do not have empathy, everything make sense! I feel so sad for his 5 boys and their families as my friend continues to try to control their lives, and the lives of his "church followers",, oh yes, my friend is a pastor too!!!

Feb 16, 2011
Narcissist Fathers
by: Aunt Bee


I agree; there does seem to be a disproportionate number of stories about narcissistic mothers versus fathers, but I suspect it's because we probably 'expect' a man to be a certain way, and have different expectations of a mother.

So if a father is cold and indifferent, we just tell ourselves 'that's how men are'...

But if a mother is cold and indifferent to her children, we recognize that this goes against nature and we become more aware of her behavior.

A father's narcissism, then, is probably harder to identify.

Which would explain why we don't hear as many stories about these kinds of fathers; quite possibly, those who had one probably always thought it was normal behavior.

You can change that though - send in a story here and maybe get the ball rolling for others who had narcissistic fathers.

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