Narcissistic Grandparent Hell!

by Mike

I have just severed ties with my narcissistic mother. It only took 32 years and a custody battle over our 4 year old son to do so.

Grandparent right's laws are great tools to exact painful revenge on a narcissistic mothers children for access to her grandchildren.

Grandchildren are prized sources of narcissistic supply. Once they have been given a taste of that pure uncut love and dependency, they will go to any lengths to secure access to that supply.That's what happened to my wife and I.

We made the terrible mistake of allowing my mother to participate in the babysitting arrangement believing that she would behave for fear of losing her access to her grandchild. We were trying to be inclusive. We wanted to "do the right thing".

We were wrong. She acted inappropriately around our son and disrespected our parental authority. Another family member witnessed the behavior and we suspended her access.

She filed with the court almost immediately seeking court ordered unsupervised visitation. We were dragged through hell but we prevailed.

I have now been ostracized from her extended family and friends. People I have known my whole life. I am free though.

My wife and I are free and we are happy. My children and I will never have to suffer through another ruined event or holiday season.

Life is much better but I am still trying to recover from the trauma of having someone go after our child. Part of that process is to learn about this disorder and understand it.

This website definitely helped me. Thanks.

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May 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

Ever since my daughter was born, my mother and father have underminded me as a parent.Being a single parent and living with them for two years gave them power and created guilt due to their help. I am 41 years old and just got married to a wonderful man.My narcissistic mother has turned my 18 completely against me!! I am being punished for getting married and my husband and i are treated terribly!! Thank God i am not alone!! Learning about Narcissistic parents is helping me to understand it is not my fault and I am a good person!! maybe I can begin to heal!!

Mar 24, 2014
Criminal Charges?
by: Anonymous

Can grandparents be charged for stealing your child when you as a mother is unaware that they are Narcissistic and are abusing their authority to steal your child and your life away from you? Isn't this stealing and destruction of your human rights? Or is it okay to steal children and not okay to steal objects?

Mar 12, 2014
Sever the ties
by: Anonymous

Narcissistic grandparents will steal your children. From the time my son was young, my 'mom' undermined my authority. It's best to cut contact with them. These kinds of grandparents shouldn't be around kids.

Oct 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

If Id only known this and not been in a state of 'FOG' about THEM and THEIR MINIONS my daughters would be free and see their evil- and THEY would not have ANY avenues to them or my grandchildren.
I pray that my daughters begin to see the truth as I am NC for life and now FREE and they watch and SEE me...

Sep 23, 2013
My mother has NPD and has stolen my daughters love

My mother has constantly gone behind my back picking up my daughter and taking her places without my permission. She lives with her father though we do have shared custody. I have asked to please ask me if she wants to take my daughter anywhere. My daughter is now 18 so I have nothing to say now about it but I used to tell her she needed to ask me too if she wanted to take her but she absolutely refused to. I have cut all ties with her and my daughter also. My daughter does not call me or Email me though I have asked her to. My mother is a raging narcissist. She adores talking about herself and is rarely interested in what you have to say. he always swings the conversation to talk about herself. I have tried to insert myself in my daughters life but I am always shot done by my mother. I have decided to cut both of them out of my life, I can't handle the pain the bring to me. I do not believe that my daughter knows what is going on but my mother certainly does. I think she enjoys it. If I try to talk to her about a problem in my life she switches the conversation to herself or minimizes the pain I am going through. I can't get near my daughter when she is around. I wish she were dead. She was very abusive to me when I was growing up. Now she has emotionally kidnapped my daughter.

Jul 01, 2013
Severe ties before it's too late....
by: Anonymous

I have a 15 yo son who has been living with my narcisstic "mom" off and on for the last while. My hands are tied, all avenues say there is nothing I can do.

I have lost my son and never realized until it was too late that since he was a small toddler visits were spend bath mouthing me and setting him against me.

He HATES me, I am a good mom, guilty only of trying to teach about integrity, responsibility, boundries and accountability. I see now I was the scapegoat child, any time I voices my dislike, powerful guilt trips would be dished out.

I have a 5 yo as well and have severed the ties completely. Last time she saw him she put his life at risk for her own convenience, and continued to complain about what an inconvenience he was to her.

He is asd and his loyalty to me is touching and I've never known such love :) he hates her, and has no emotional attachment to her or my father. Severe the ties before you loose a child....

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