Narcissistic Injury while giving birth

I was in labor..suffering in pain quietly for hours. When i called out for help his response...if im going to get through this night youre going to have to let me get some sleep.....Huh?

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Apr 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience. My husband slept in the chair beside me while I laboured at the hospital. I think someone woke him up shortly before I was ready to deliver our second child. Unbelievable. Thank goodness for an amazing team of Midwives. Needless to say I call him my ex now.

Dec 11, 2012
I know how you feel.
by: Anonymous

You are not alone - I had hoped to have a spiritual and special birth with my third. I laboured on my own until I needed to go to hospital and got my narc husband to drive me. The whole time I was giving birth he told jokes, gossiped and bragged about people he knew to the nurse. I practically gave birth alone as those two gossiped together. When I mentioned this afterwards to him, he laughed and said with a smirk "well, you seemed to be doing alright on your own". He thought is was a huge joke. He stole what should be powerful spiritual moment in a womans' life and turned it into a gossip session all about him.. What a tosser. I'll never get that moment or many more that he stole from me back. His punishments towards me were always swift and swung from silent treatment to raging into my face. I feel for you - and Hope you can gain comfort that I know how you feel and can validate how very hurtful and stinging this is from someone who is the father of your child and is supposed to love and care for you when you are vulnerable. Giving birth is as vulnerable as you can get and he kicked you while you were down. Hugs to you and best wishes.

Jul 07, 2012
I feel for you
by: Anonymous

I understand DH was down the hall for all of my 17hours of labour asleep only woke up when my OBGYN pushed him out of bed as i was being rushed for a c section ,I feel for you its something that hits you like a slap in the face.If it was possible to go back in time I would give you a hug and say your not alone.

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