Narcissistic online "friend"

I started talking to what I taught was a lovely Christian girl online a few years ago and we became (or so I thought) very close.

In the beginning of the "friendship" she made me feel really special by constantly telling me what a wonderful person/Christian I was and that I was her best friend etc.

As I was going through a rough patch and struggle with low self esteem at the best of times I, foolishly, drank it all up.

However over time she changed and weeks would go by when she would not contact me (when I asked her why the excuse was always that she was "busy").

She then started pushing me out for other friends, including at one stage, a girl who was dabbling with Satanism!

She seemed to know what my weak points were and played on them constantly even saying things she knew would hurt me plus telling me how special her other friends were (for instance she once told me she had a friend who had just written a prizewinning novel!)

To make a long story short I decided to end the "friendship" when I realised what (or rather who) I was dealing with but I still have the emotional scars.

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Oct 31, 2011
Only through God's grace
by: Anonymous

You are so right and as I look back I realise the Lord protected me from a lot especially given some of the experiences I have heard about from other people who have suffered at the hands of narcissists/Jezebels

Jul 26, 2011
nipped by the ringer
by: Anonymous

i know it hurts, but you certainly are fortunate to only get nipped by the ringer instead of pulled all the way through into shreds.

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