and other fruits of the Spirit

If you’re wondering “What is Narcissism - or Narcissistic Personality Disorder - and what does it have to do with the Jezebel Spirit?”, the answer to the first question will be discussed in the following articles, and the answer to the second question is: plenty.


Historically, Jezebel was a Sidonian princess in a political marriage to the king of Israel, whose name was Ahab. The story can be found in the Old Testament in the book of 1 Kings, chapter 16 and starting with verse 29, concluding with her death in 2 Kings, chapter 9 and verse 37.

Jezebel eye

Jezebel was cold, ruthless, loved power and knew how to abuse it. Her story is relatively short, but her legacy remains strong. Through the centuries, the word ‘Jezebel’ has been used as a curse, and has been mis-used as a label to keep women in their place. No self-respecting woman wanted to be called a ‘Jezebel’, and rightly so.

But as we deconstruct Jezebel, we will see that ‘a Jezebel’ or the ‘Jezebel Spirit’ - and the fruits of the spirit - have nothing to do with the labels of old; and furthermore, that the list of psychological disorders of this entity is an equal opportunity destroyer, targeting men and women alike.


Along with the discussion titled ‘What is Narcissism’, we will also briefly examine Paranoid Personality Disorder, Cyclothymic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Schizophrenia: what it is and what it is not, and why it has mistakenly been identified with the Jezebel Spirit.

The discussion of these different personality disorders and other related topics is not all-inclusive, but will hopefully begin to shine the light and remove some of the mystery surrounding this ancient entity.

As we examine Narcissistic Personality Disorder and other fruits of the Spirit of Jezebel, we will see that the list of psychological disorders as well as the spiritual disorder are both rooted in the same thing.

In this - Section One - we will discuss:

What is Narcissism?
Narcissistic Personality Inventory
Malignant Narcissism Part One
Malignant Narcissism Part Two
Narcissistic Injury
Narcissistic Abuse
Narcissistic Supply

Let's begin exposing the Spirit of Jezebel with our first question: What is Narcissism?

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