Oh yes, I have been that light socket that he plugged into.

by Catherine
(Sacramento, Ca USA)

Everything, I mean everything is exactly this way in my relationship. I have been the hard worker, the moral center in the home. Let me stop on that front before I begin to sound Narcissistic myself!

But it's true. I worked, he played. I saved, he spent, and spent and spent. It has lead to the ruination of our finances and stability.

When approached about it, the customary answer, you spend too. No budget was ever adhered to.

Bills became unimportant. Fancy clothes, jewelry, cars, and accessories were the only thing that matter. Because of course he had to look good! "Don't I look good? I should have these things. Anything less than approval was not tolerated.

When we would go out socially, I would sometimes feel so embarrassed at how over dressed and pompous he always had to be. Canes, hats, gloves to go to a family party. Seriously, I am not making this up.

We have reached bottom, the arguments, yelling, the constant battle lines in my home are draining. And now I read that even this is a tactic and a ploy. Well no more, the plug has pulled.

Stay or go, it stops now! If he leaves, he leaves at least he will take this Spirit with him when he goes!

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Dec 07, 2011
Thank you, the process has already begun!
by: Anonymous

I am there! The process has started and I am glad of it. I appreciate your input and advice.

Dec 07, 2011
from sybil to a somebody now
by: Anonymous

please leave don't wait for him too go he is dracula he will suck the life out of you , mentally, verbally, finacially, and not even feel any remorse, as he already has or looking for his next victim... best advice run and never look back, you are so much better , you have a good soul and you deserve to be treated with respect, real love, and someone who will admire everything you say or do.. they are knumb they cant feel anything and they never will change... you can change and be treated soo much better with someone real... i waited to long but i have in 2 months had no conduct at all i never want to see that monster again, since i left i have already got my certificate in nursing, and i have all the drive i use to have before i met him, i no longer have to listen to his insults, put downs, i have my life back. please go and get your life back please i beg you....

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