The Narcissistic Wife

I know a man who just learned his wife is a narcissistic evil evil woman after years of marriage. He didn't know what it was.

She spent his money in more ways than you can imagine, hid her spending. She was jealous, controlling, insecure, needy and greedy just to name a few. She ruined his life.

My advice for people in a relationship is to get out and get out quickly before they control your mind.

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Apr 12, 2012
She Is Practiced In The Art Of Deception
by: Dave

I'm in a brutally contested divorce with a woman that could best be described as a nefarious narcissistic wife. No matter what sacrifices I made for her welfare and benefit; it wasn't enough. When I took care of her for two months after a horseback riding accident (fed her, cleaned the house, gave her medicine, shots, bathed her, emptied the potty, paid her bills), she only glared at me and withdrew into the slient treatment mode of "I'll teach you" and never once said thank you.

I built two brand new homes for her; paid off her bills so she could have more stuff and she spent her salary more or less strictly on herself and still managed to run up credit cards and loans (which I didn't know about) into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

When I had surgery and hadn't eaten in two days I asked her to go to the grocery to purchase a can of soup, something I might be able to keep down; and she gave me the death stare, stomped out of the door and didn't return until 2 AM. My God, in Nam we even fed prisoners of war when literally a few hours before they were trying to kill you!

We went to a marriage counselor one time in 15 years; after an hour of telling the counselor my issues of abandonment (she played on that routinely by threatening divorce), her cruel and inhumane treatment, lies, hostility, etc. She turned to her and asked "what are your issues" and she replied "I didn't get the engagement ring I wanted"! The counselor closed her notebook, looked at me and said "I see no foundation for a relationship between you, please don't be mean to each other in the divorce".

She broke or damaged practically every gift I ever received, intentionally abused a pickup truck purchased for the farm because it wasn't what she wanted, told outright lies to every neighbor we have and has played the victim to the max. She told MY family I was having an affair (I was totally faithful to her since the first day I met her); my family won't visit due to the stress they feel in the house and my friends have likewise stayed away "because she's not a friendly person and rude most of the time".

She has been having an affair with a "cowboy" for months before she finally told me she had filed for a divorce (another lie; she didn't file for two weeks after this conversation) and is now attempting to take half of my retirement, 401K, and the sale of the farm; all of which she contributed little except in demands for what she wanted. When I told her I didn't care about "stuff" I was more concerned about my future financial capacity she told me she only wanted "what I'm ENTITLED TO"; which in her terms means everything.

Although it might sound strange; IT'S THE BEST DAMN THING THE WOMAN EVER DID FOR ME!!!!!!!!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus; and for me he comes in the form of freedom from a Narcissistic Wife. Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!!

Feb 11, 2012
by: Anonymous


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