the wolf in sheeps clothing

by sarah

the wolf in sheeps clothing... yes that is what my N is....I have been with him for 2 years and I am JUST starting to understand.

I have left him 3 times for a month and he texred me every night he says I am the only one for him and that he has never even loved his ex wife this way.

Due to my kids an d myself I have allowed myself to be finacially involed to the point that my car is in his name!!

We did live together but I eventually left him, I got in trouble for not waiting for him to have a smoke........I think he wants a seperate life other than with me even tho he says differently.
Sometimes I feel like a mistress to his many other lives.

He keeps his mom seperate from me as well as his kids.which are like my own....For days it is great we can laugh and he is an amazing man And then COMES his crash....the insults ...why are you so cold.......why are you so quiet, whats wrong

IF i tell him VERY kindly what is on my mind WELL its stupid and when i cry I am PRETENDING

Lastnite I got tired of taunting that I asked for my house key back..I was accused of having SOMEONE ELSE and I WAS MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE

Usually when I do this ....he starts to say SORRY after a few days if the mean talk doesnt work
Its weird its like he is OBSSESED LOVE with me and he will never let me go

WHY is my question what am I suppling him with that he cant get it anywhere else............ih but EVERYONE in town would NEVER believe he is like this

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Jan 27, 2013
cookie cutter characteristics
by: Anonymous

Feels good to know IM not crazy. Its like these kind of people have the same cookie cutter symptoms. HE will never get better. Because they will never admit to having flaws. Reading these stories give me my sanity back. The more I read the more unbrainwashed I become. Thank you!

Jan 14, 2013
Breaking Point
by: Anonymous

You poor poor girl. Your story is so much like mine, being in trouble for not waiting to have a smoke with him, really rings bells.
I was with my ex for 16 months and we broke up nearly every week because I am so pig headed and I saw through his ego and he did not like it at all.The lack of empathy, he's selfishness makes me sick. My stomach was always in turmoil and he lived 4 hours away from my kids and I. I was never allowed to meet his 20 year old daughter or his family.
I thought it was very strange.
He would stay up all night, going to bed around 3am every morning and over the months I couldnt handle it anymore. The fights was had were just crazy talk, he put his hand around my neck in bed and hurt me just because I wanted to sleep and the sun was coming up. I didnt report it because he was so sorry about it, and it was me WHO pushed him that far. bla bla bla
Now I am still in a terrible time, I have not been in my own house for weeks now because in one of his moments of killing himself he gave me his fathers ring (who has passed) and gave it to me to look after and treasure to the day I die. I did not fall for it. But after many weeks of him trying to get me to talk to him by any form of contact, he has started on me with (i want my fathers ring back) I went home to get it to post to his daughter and my house was broken into and the only things missing was his fathers ring and the ring he bought me for my birthday. Now three weeks later his anger, his death threats to me, four ruined car tyres last week, to which i can not replace financially. I still will not talk to him and give him the pleasure to hear my voice or read my words. He is that sick that he posted on his facebook an artical about an ex throwing acid on his ex girlfiend and buring 70% of her body and putting her in a coma. I am scared but he is not going to get what he wants and thats me back. He just wants control & revenge on me for leaving him. I do not have his fathers ring to give back, so I have no leg to stand on. Im glad he made me go to the doctors and tell them i have bipolar because if it wasnt for the pills im on, I dont think I would still be standing. I can not believe that people can be so mean and evil, just because they can not get what they want.
OVER IT. Good luck and remember, NO CONTACT.

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