tried to be friend of a narc

I became friends with a coworker who was very attractive ( people would reply to her as being halle berry, which she was absolutely glow with pleasure).

She was married and divorced her husband because she thought she could do better after several men made passes at her.

When we were around people she had to be the center of attention, she would interrupt me while I was talking to say what she wanted and act as if I wasn't saying anything, she had to control the conversation, if anyone paid attention to me she would give me a mean look.

If we were in a conversation and I disagreed with her she would say I don't understand or I listened to other people too much.

She made herself out to be a GREAT CHRISTIAN and often said God had plans for her and she had to go to church EVERY Sunday because God would punish her more because she was on a different level from everyone else.

She pretended that she didn't have any sexual desires because she read her bible and was special.

I told my husband that she was a good christian only for her to go with us on a beach trip and she went out and spent the night with God knows who and came back to the room the next morning acting as if she had done nothing.(needless to say I caught hell from my husband because she was my so-called christian friend).

Later, when I confronted her she didn't know we would judge her and thought she had a right to have a good time.

She secretly became angry at me and told my other friend not to confide in me because I would judge her and spread her business around.

When I confronted her she said she didn't know what she was doing when she did that. Anyway, I no longer associate with her.

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