Understanding my psycho sister

by Diana
(Raleigh NC USA)

I have undergone this abuse and witnessed it for years.

I'm 56 and my sister is 52. I have seen my sister go off on her students in a classroom, on her colleagues, but usually on unsuspecting wait staff, store clerks, receptionists, etc.

I am the only family member (that I know of) that she does this to. In other words, so far as I have witnessed, it only happens in front of total strangers or me by myself.

When it happens, I am totally unprepared for it but apparently I am responsible because of something I said or did... She has only hit me once.

When it happens, I cannot reason with her. She is communicating at the level of about a 12 year old. When I try to share this with the rest of my family.. they think I'm making it up.

They just consider her a "little eccentric"... I have found that there is no use trying to talk it out. Just leave. Get in your car.. leave.. go away and leave the area.

I made the mistake this last time (two days ago) of telling her:
1. "Grow Up"
2. That she monopolized conversations and never spoke about anything but herself and
3. Everyone around her felt like they were walking on eggshells trying not to piss her off.

I do not suggest you ever try telling someone with NPD any of these things.. Didn't work well for me. I learned the hard way.

Now she's out making sure everyone in my family knows that I am a "weak" individual (she says she's a "stronger" person than me.. whatever that means)... and that I told her go to away and I didn't care where she went (which is not true.. yes.. I am calling her a liar)...

God help you if you have someone in your life like this..

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May 16, 2013
feel your pain
by: Anonymous

I did have someone like this in my life. My n sister. It took me forty years to figure this out.My whole life she told lies about me.Her idea of success was telling everyone how unsuccessful i was as a wife, mother and a human being.She was too stupid to dazzle them with brilliance so she baffled them with BS.We went for a girls night out. At the restaurant she verbally pummeled the waiter. It was Friday night the place was jammin. With every complaint i tried to soften her attitude. I'm like "we're in no hurry. it's busy. cut the guy some slack".Well that fell on deaf ears. I have a long wick. It takes a lot to provoke me.But that was it.I let her have it in the middle of this busy place.It was loud but suddenly the only voice you could hear was me screaming at my sister telling her she's shit for treating people the way she does. And that's not the only time i brought her haughty crap to her attention.I haven't seen or spoke to her in two years and have no intention of doing so.Bad habits come from the outside. Bad character comes from the heart. I've learned i can love those who are unlovable from a distance.You have the right to protect your heart at any cost. To not do so is to truly be a victim. Biology doesn't make a family, love does. be happy!

Sep 13, 2011
Am With You
by: Anonymous

I have two teenage daughters and I really want them to be aware of this, because their father is a snake. I am in a process of a divorce and people think I am bitter, but I tell you I am at peace and I know with all my heart that it is God that delivered me out of this marriage of 18 yrs.

You know they are never caught at their dirty deeds because what they do is mix lies with truth which is deceitfulness at the highest and they are soooo wonderful at manipulation which is the highest form of witchcraft. bye nice talking to you.

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