Up again. Down Again.

by Carolyn

So pleasant,helpful, indignant about my attempts at detachment.

The children don't come around to my perception, nor anyone else for that matter.

I'm locked in this never ending cycle of despair, joy, despair, joy and I'm all alone in this reality.

When I discovered the condition NPD I was elated to finally gain understanding but also mindful of my well groomed nature. That is to constantly doubt my perceptions and question my own sanity.

Good luck to me keeping it together I say and thanks out there for listening and more importantly, understanding.

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Feb 20, 2013
I understand, sadly
by: Anonymous

I feel the very same way in my marriage - up for a few months, then WTF happened, yet again. We have a legit NPD diagnosis, he's working on neurofeedback several times weekly and seeing a therapist. Two months of pretty decent relationship, followed by total abandonment in the woods hiking because he flipped out; these woods being where we encountered a man acting weirdly several years ago. Detach my friend. Get into co-depdendents anonymous and focus on you. I'm finding that I'm really a wonderful woman who is married to a very broken person. I plan to continue to focus more on me, my children and the life I have aside from my marriage. If the marriage ends, I will survive. He will also - he'll just move on to another sympathetic ear.

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