when does it end?

by peg

I was 19 he was 33.

We met through his sister.He was an enigma.Arrogant and all knowing.

He stood at the bar eyeing off the females.He was living back with his neurotic mother after breaking up with his girlfriend.he came on all charm and knowledge.

I insinctivly didnt like him.He began to follow me around pulling up beside me in his car and turning up at places just after i arrived.

He won me over.I liked the attention and i admit i was looking for someone a bit different.We began to hang out.

One night he made up a really strong batch of magic mushrooms.He assured me they were weak.I had tried them before but always very weak and had smoked pot.I got so out of it i found myself coming to crouched.. in the passenger floor of his car.He was sitting above me telling me that he had just saved me and now we were one person.

That week he moved into my house while i was at work.we had known each other a month and had not had sex.He even bought his huge motorbike into my bedroom and stolen food and knicknacks from his mothers house.

he alienated me from my friends by putting them down he said terrible things about them and i began to misjudge my judgement.

he told me to stop working and only mixed with his family.Sometimes we visited other people he used to know but they were all crazy or drug addicts.

He never worked and said he was special.He stole things wherever we went shops, houses,etc.i would get so embarressed and fear he would get caught.

He hated the rich yet would suck up to them.He encouraged me to steal also but i didnt.

We had two children very quickly.He portrayed as the perfect father.Always home looking after them.

I first noticed really disturbing behaviour towards our daughter when he would force her to eat food after she was clearly full and he would hold her jaw till she swalled then she would b sic.Then he would laugh.

Once he swapped my pottery wheel for an old car.i thought it had been stolen.He never said a thing.I found out a few weeks later and he just laughed.He always had a smug look and a twisted smile .

we moved around a lot.Wherever he went most people hated him but liked me.He told me what to wear and told me off when i wore makeup.if i cut my hair he would accuse me of not loving him anymore.if i was sic he would bang on about his illness which of course were rare and many.He would say no one felt pain like him.

He acted like he knew everything about everything.If i criticised anything he did he would sulk and complain to his family.He would bang on that he gave me the world.

He was very wierd about sex and jealous always saying that i was going to run off with someone else yet he was flirtatous and physical with other women and used to tell me about men who wanted to b with me

He loved nudity and gave me and the kids no privacy and when we askef for it he'd call us prudes and get upset.

Most disturbingly he has always thought of himself as somewhat of a guru and has very strange ideas about the way we should be.

he'd ake a fabulous cult leader.He sexually abused our daughter after i left him.

Yeas i finally left him after 10 years He was so angry and thats when the shit really hit the fan So many lies and manipulations.He stopped me from seeing our son and played mind games.

he stalked me and accused my dying mother that her illness was the reason for our breakup.He met another woman immediatly and moved in with her telling her that he loved her.

He has abused other young women usually with the aid of drugs.

he has a degree in psycology but cant get a job due to police record thank god.

hes generally passive aggressive but has done some violent acts.his support group is his two sisters and mother and a couple of drug dealers and vulnerable friends who he has corrupted.

i moved on and am with a wonderful man and have another daughter a great job social life etc.I make no contact with him.

He regularly makes contact with me or family via letter call email .He always accuses me of being evil etc.

his rantings are very manipulative and threatening and lately are becoming more so.He really seems to believe he as mighty and powerful and can cure the world of all its evil if we do what he says.

I believe he is a very dangerous man.after 14years away from him when will it end?

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